Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tank Talk - 2.0

After volunteering to take over as Tank Talk editor at the 2010 AGM in Chicago, I have put a lot of thought into the revival of the American Section's periodical and have read and re-read past issues.

The published magazine was an impressive work and a testament to the hard work and dedication of past editors. However, the publication of a magazine is costly, time consuming and is obviously limited to print and pictures. I believe that by reincarnating Tank Talk as a blog, the most essential quality of the magazine, its content, can be maintained while reducing the editorial workload, minimizing costs and incorporating multimedia.

I imagine some aspects of the editorial roll to remain unchanged: Tank Talk will still need American Section members to submit content. As editor, I have already worked with some authors on new articles that will soon appear in this space. Happily, I can easily edit and publish these articles to the blog, replacing the laborious task of producing a print edition. More importantly, by maintaining Tank Talk on a blog, pictures and video can be easily integrated with articles. The inclusion of multimedia will greatly enhance the content of Tank Talk. Automatic archiving of articles, labeling of posts and a search function will help improve the accessibility of content.

Finally, I hope that Tank Talk 2.0 will help stimulate and maintain interest in 505 sailing in the same way that the e-mail lists did at the beginning of the last decade. A viable and visible web presence is essential to any type of modern organization and I believe that Tank Talk will help to fill out the 505's on-line profile.

I encourage everyone and anyone to submit articles, pictures, and video. I hope that readers will take advantage of the comments option on the blog and that we can have an open dialogue about sailing 505s.

I am looking forward to a great 2011 season of 505 sailing and I hope everyone else is equally stoked.



  1. As long as we can enjoy reading great stuff regarding the fiveoh... the format does not matter.
    Bravo for undertaking the revival of this great magazine!

  2. Equally stoked brah. Looking forward to seeing you and the new rondar on the water