Thursday, July 14, 2011

Newport Regatta - Drew Buttner

17 boats showed up for the 2011 Newport Regatta in Newport, RI July 9-10. This was a huge multi-class event in New England with hundreds of boats and probably close to a thousand competitors. 505's ended up being the second biggest class!

Newport is known for a comfortable sea breeze that offers quality racing for all. Our circle was placed outside the bay which usually leads to an early sea breeze and some decent ocean racing. Unfortunately the gradient was too dominate and the sea breeze only managed a weak showing. Crews spent most of the event crouched on the rail, praying to stretch their legs.

4 good races and one (I'll be honest) crap race (#2) were completed. Racing was challenging with decent changes in wind direction, strong current, and off-center swell. Geoff Woolley and Zack Marks continued their early season dominance winning again in relatively dominating fashion. Parker Shinn and Simon Gerson were able to break through twice for race wins and take 2nd overall.

The event also saw Tim Collins make an appearance on Sunday, helping secure a 3rd place result for Mark Zagol and Drew Buttner.

Next on the calendar in New England is the East Coast Championship Aug 5-7 which will be part of the Buzzards Bay Regatta.

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  1. Last July's regatta has been a blast. I hope there will be more participants for 2012's Newport Regatta.