Sunday, November 11, 2012

St. Francis Fall Dinghy Report - Reeve Dunne

10 505's showed up for 6 races for great San Francisco racing at the St Francis fall dinghy Oct 20-21

It was cool and foggy Saturday morning so after spending fall dinghy last year in sunny 80+ weather an no wind.

At first it looked like the wind might not cooperated with my hopes as we started the first race right in front of Alcatraz around 12:30 in a fickle light breeze coming right over the city.  We got off to a start but after 2.5 laps the race committee cancelled (much to Holt and I's dismay as the current race leaders) as the breeze was lightning and flood was increasing.

After 30 minutes of sailing hard upwind to maintain position against the current the breeze increased to marginal trapping and more importantly enough wind to get upwind against the current.  AJ/Ben won it followed by Pierre and Mike Holt once again up in the front of the boat, and Ted Conrad's also up front  in 3rd.  Holt and I decided to try the right and paid the price finishing 6th

For the second race the breeze was up. we chased Jeff and Mike Smith to the left all the way around the course with Tim Murphy/Geoff Gales right behind us, up until the top mark where Jeff/Mike got pulled into the mark (did I mention it was flooding) and lost Holt/me and Tim/Geoff trying to get back to the offset.

Third race was the same idea go left and prosper we rounded the first followed closely by Jeff/Mike and Pierre/Holtie as the breeze increased the the flood subsided and managed to stay that way 3 laps to the finish

We were greeted on shore with the usual St Francis hospitality and warm food very welcome for all.

Sunday morning was colder but once on the water it was windier.

True to their word the race committee got the first start for another 3 legger off at 12, the flood was less intense but like the previous day the left still paid.  We chased Jeff/Mike around the course again, but were never able to get around them with Aaron Ross/? and Eben Russel/Pat Diola next

Second race the breeze was really up and the course was much more even but with big holes.  Jeff/Mike determined not to let the young guys beat them got off to another fast start with Eben/Pat next and a tight pack behind them.  We became the first of many casualties in this race deciding to test the water on the first downwind.  Mike and Jeff held on to win with Holtie and Pierre next Pat and Eben were primed for third until a broken guy ejected Pat from the boat and we stole the third spot.

Last race Jeff/Mike put on the jets once again to take a commanding lead followed by a close race between Eb/Pat, Steve Kleha/Matthias, Pierre/Mike and us. Eb and Pat took second us third with Steve/Matthias right behind.

St Francis as always put on a great regatta, and SF bay delivered perfect conditions for 6 great races to end the summer season

Final Results:

Pos, Crew, Skipper, Yacht Club, Results, Total Points 
1. Mike Smith, Jeff Miller, SCYC, [4]-3-2-1-1-1- ; 8  
2. Reeve Dunne, Holt Condon, St Francis YC, [6]-1-1-2-3-3- ; 10  
3. Mike Holt, Pierre Jeangirard, Bishop yacht club, 2-4-3-[5]-2-5- ; 16  
4. Geoff Gales, Tim Murphy, Tim Murphy, 5-2-8-6-[10]-6- ; 27  
5. Robert Park, Aaron Ross, Santa Cruz YC, 9-6-6-3-4-[12/DNS]- ; 28  
6. Matthias Kennerknecht, Steve Kleha, SCYC, [8]-7-5-8-5-4- ; 29  
7. Unknown, Edward Conrads, St Francis, 3-8-4-9-7-[12/DNS]- ; 31  
8. Glass/Pedlow, AJ Crane, StFYC, 1-5-[12/DNF]-7-8-12/DNS- ; 33  
9. Pat Diola, Eben Russell, none, [12/DNF]-12/DNF-12/DNF-4-6-2- ; 36  
10. Matt Kroystad, Christopher O'Leary, BYC, 7-9-7-10-9-[12/DNS]- ; 42

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