Friday, March 29, 2013

United States East Coast World Championship Bid for 2016/2017

The last 505 World Championship to be hosted in the US East Coast was in 1998 at Hyannis, Massachusetts. The US West Coast has hosted two World Championships since then (2004 and 2009). All three events were won by American Teams:

1998 - Nick Trotman and Mike Mills

2004 - Morgan Larson and Trevor Bayliss

2009 - Mike Martin and Jeff Nelson

The 505 Class Officers have determined that the US will be officially proposing an East Coast venue for the 2016 World Championship at the 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held at Kiel. If the proposal is not selected for the 2016 Worlds, the class will seek selection for 2017. The American Section has requested the opportunity to voice this intention in Barbados at the 2013 AGM.  The American Section will be conducting its own evaluation process of East Coast venues over the summer and intends to have a selected venue by end of September 2013, to ensure that there is an organized and unified proposal to present in Germany during 2014.

Currently, there are two venues that have been identified as potential locations for this 2016/17 Worlds proposal:

1. Annapolis, MD - Severn Sailing Association - Fall, Exact Dates TBD

Jesse Falsone has lead the preliminary efforts to put this proposal together. Preliminary planning has commenced with the following actions taken:
  • Approval by the SSA Board of Governors to host the championship in Fall 2016 (exact dates TBD)
  • Endorsement and promise of support by local 505 fleets within USA Region II (Annapolis, West River, Hampton), and from USA Region I (New York and New England)
  • Preliminary assessment of needs including but not limited to event management, race management  transportation, and housing.
  • Formation of an Organizing Committee as specified in the Championship Rules

2. Newport, RI - Sail Newport - Late Summer, Exact Dates TBD

Doug McKiege has engaged Sail Newport regarding their interest in hosting the event. Only limited planning for this venue has been completed at this stage:
  • Sail Newport has indicated strong interest in support of hosting this event
  • Several class members have endorsed this venue as a strong candidate for a World Championship, however, no Organizing Committee has been formed at this stage

The 2013 American Section AGM will serve as the forum for final discussion of these venues before they are put to formal ballot for all paid American Section members. The goal is to put forward the strongest proposal possible to bring the World Championships back to the US East Coast and hopefully another American team on top of the podium.

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