Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Hampton Trapeze Reports - Drew Buttner

Day 1:

The opening event of the spring Region 2 schedule got underway in Hampton on Sat. This report will not do justice for level of awesomeness displayed by the fleet as the forecasted big breeze arrived as predicted. Saturday was planned as a training day with drills and advice from a few past North American Champions. However, the 25 knots (gusts up over 30) forced an adjustment to the plan.  After getting the mast up, the group huddled around the Hampton YC bar and created a new plan ... SURVIVAL!

Although there was some fear and a lot of jitters, every single boat launched. The goal was to sail out of the harbor, try to bomb around for a bit, and then come in when necessary.

The launch was timed in between gales, trying to find a tame window to get going. Inside the harbor was actually manageable. Gave everyone some confidence. With everyone ready we started the parade out of the harbor with coaches Amthor and Darrow keeping a close eye from the support boat.

Let's just say that SailFlow had the forecast correct.  As soon as the fleet pass the lee of the shore ... BAM!!  A good ride, a tack, another good ride, a few boats upside down, both sails ragging just trying to keep the boat going forward to keep steering. Everyone kept things together and got back to the safety of the harbor in one piece. A bunch of ROCK STARS!

Sunday is race day. The fleet is ready!

Day 2:

What a difference a day makes!  Perfect conditions for Day 2 with a 9-12 knot northerly greating competitors upon arrival. A staggered starting sequence based off of Saturday's performances was used. In short, everyone was seeded into a position and then lined up bow to stern and rounded the leeward mark.  The race started as soon as you rounded. Windward, leeward, finish by rounding the leeward mark and completing a tack.

8 races were completed with everyone feeling like a hero ... and a zero.  A tight course made for lots of action testing team's boat handling and rewarding teams with starboard advantage.

Back on shore, everyone endulged in a tasty sandwich at the Hampton YC bar. Mmm, mmm, good!

Many thanks to the Moore family for hosting everyone for pizza Saturday night, to Tyler for running the event, to Amthor and Darrow for coaching on Saturday, and to all the competitors that attended and enjoyed typical Hampton hospitality!

Next up is the West River spring event, followed by an event at SSA.  Only 17 months until the first race at worlds in Annapolis. RAMP IT UP!! 


  1. The staggered starting format led to a tie amongst all competitors. Fun times had by all, and everyone got better. Unfortunately, those that didn't show up did not have as much fun and did not get better. :)