Sunday, August 28, 2016

2016 SSA Spring Series Report - Ian Connors

(Late posting, this event took place May 14-15, 2016

With the forecast saying everything from 0 to 30 for the weekend, no one quite knew what to expect until they showed up. Saturday saw 10 boats hit the water for two races in a pleasant 8-10kt southerly. A couple of puffs tempted teams to try wire running, but no one took the bait. An impending front began sucking wind out of the race area on the last leg and the fleet elected to wait it out and see if conditions improved. After 20 minutes a westerly filled in to get off the last scheduled race before building enough to provide sun, 12-15kts & the best sail in of the season. Timing was perfect as the front started dumping rain just as the last covers were being tied on.

Jesse convincingly won the first race with yet another "first time back in years" driver, while Henry & Russell made deadly use of motorcycle seating downwind to sail through the fleet on races 2 & 3. (Henry claims it's only so he can use his hoop as a backrest). Macy & Eric captured a bullet as well.

Teams woke up to 59° water, lower air temps, and a full-on westerly blow on Sunday. After a fleet safety discussion, 4 teams agreed to race under the condition that if one team went in our needed assistance racing would be over for the day. Drinks in hand, the rest of the fleet helped launch Henry & Russell, Ian & Eric, Sterge, and Macy & Eric into a steady low to mid 20's with some "forget laylines, I guess we aren't gybing for awhile" puffs. In a race of attrition, Sterge missed the start, Ian had a breakdown after one leg, and Macy missed the finish line- devastatingly dropping from first to second overall though he would have won the race & series. No one is immune from forgetting to check the course!

It was great to see so many new faces out on the water this weekend- especially Gretchen & Lauren making their first appearance in a new to them boat, and Paul with a new crew to the class & significantly more sorted out boat.

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